Have you ever wondered about the lessons the ocean teaches about the human experience through creative expression.. The sea sends waves of love through vibration, just like the rhythm of our heart pulsates through our body. Apollos rays beaming from the mirrored surface displaying ripple pools of aesthetically pleasing light. It’s energy cleansing an entire … More TSUNAMI


  “If you could escape anywhere where would you go?” Cradled by the grass beneath, admiring the symphonies of the scenery surrounding me, completely held by the earth to explore this lingering question.. “I would go within, to the essence of my soul.” Basking in the safety net created in the spaces between the merging … More EMBRACE


We are NOW, universal, connected to all that is, created to create, destined for a life without limitations. We are growth, change and adaptability. Co-creators of that which is already written. We are ART the colour of all hues, the light dark and shady. We are our surroundings, a compass, a path. We are the … More REFLECTIONS