Dangar Falls, Waterfall Way, Dorrigo NSW

Grounding into the spaces before me, held by natures frequencies. Connecting to the land and wisdom that exists eternally within the womb of the waterfall. The aroma of ancient cyan waters, rich hues of earthly tones infiltrate the senses. The dewy sounds of the forest echoing, radiating “as within, so without” – Hermes Trismegistus. The activation of the palms, the earth longing for its peoples magic. An exchange, a giving and receiving of what I can only understand to be light or energy – transferring between layers of matter and space, consciousness in its atomic iridescent magnificence. On some level I open to and accept this invitation to heal, working with the ‘forgotten’ ways that sustain our very ecological foundations and relations.

The dreaming of their songs dance between time and space – such variables within the language of the Earth. Spiralling from and into the foundation of these ways, conceived within the forest long ago. The medicine of the original people, the guardians of this land still lingers within the in-between, within the rocks, trees, waters – the forces of the elements act as a conduit, a conductor, as cells, magic that coexists with this moment, alive and in motion. Ancestral chants travel through the unseen, a calling into deliverance, an offering, a healing into the core of this shared sanctuary, both a witness and a bearer of remembrance.

A sacred rite, an invocation, a blessing. As my body heals wrapped in the embrace of the elements, the land simultaneously receives my nourishment. A gardening of the etheric. A tapestry of relativity in this transference of indigenous consciousness.

Immersing myself in the grids and paradigms formulated by the ancient ones. These sacred designs reflect into my field of vision in order to rouse me to actively partake in traversing a new way of living – walking, embodying and sharing the ways of the Earth, enacting everlasting change by the means of my own interactions.

Reading the symbolism, integrating knowledge that far surpasses the bounds of my human understanding. To dance in the oneness of natures contradictions and defy separateness for the lineage of our existence. The harvest of all that lay before this encounter, making way for a new found awareness, a rebirth of perception, heeding natures messages.

Crossing channels into distant realities I find myself in the role of the conduit, of something inexplicable. Being a fond admirer of life’s mysteries I remain open, centred and welcome such gifts into the moment. The more I try to rationalise with such experiences in life the further they elude me, such knowing, requires a trust beyond anything born of logic. I remain unsure as to the meaning of this encounter and many like it that I have had, which inspire me to share. A deep inner knowing it will be aligning with a higher purpose or power and that if it’s enough to activate such creative processes it is something worth cultivating gratitude for, having faith in, following and allowing. Vocalising the sharings of the land within these words, in one way or another.



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