imageA tale of adaptation, connecting with our surroundings and coexisting with our environment. Attuning to the magic of the elements.

The smell of cedar. Birds echoes travelling through the river of this fortress laced in canopies of flora. My lungs linger in the fresh iced air, submerged by natures frequencies. The life force permeating through the layers of the heart space as I open to the receptivity and the magic entailed within the moment. Seeking out that which is pleasurable, that is my evolution of the day. To shift into a space of delight in a way where I can honour myself by a means of simplicity. The soul seeking its own company as I break through the shackles and into the soul of the universe. A cross roads to embrace surrender, free of the minds habitual state of confusion and indecision. Trusting that all is elusive and intangible, believing otherwise is the illusion of my twisted satisfaction. I already in truth have all I could ever desire and yet I seek opportunities to obtain. The conditioning of our earthly nature, the journey of unlearning.

“Ask and you shall receive.”

Following the prophetic sharings of the wilderness. The language of the messengers heeded through the symbolic crafts dispersed amongst this day. A blending of todays teachings with the auric field of life. Experiencing the universal consciousness dancing ubiquitously within the perceived physical boundaries of the body. Feeling deeply inspired and moved by natures enchantment and blessed to have received her many gifts today. The freedom of reconnecting with ones inherent nature. Morphing into the elements as I witness my very being reflected by the subject of my gaze. I leave fragments of myself in the mountains and yet I realise I have been here all along.

The fabric of being, light matter. The alchemists gold, the midas touch. The projection of our perception through the subatomic container we walk within is constantly shifting, flowing, igniting the elevation of the senses that merge with all that we encounter.

No desire to grasp or understand these happenings. Simply allowing myself to melt into a glimpse of surrender, natures greatest teaching. The medley of creation. Admiration for our chameleon skin.



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