In this article we touch on the connection we share with our ancestral line beyond DNA, the truth that lies in the roots of our conditioning and the impact this has on our relationship with ourselves, others and the world.

Everything included in these posts are derived of my own experiences and have been vital in my own healing journey. I encourage readers to be selective and only adopt what resonates with you, listen to your body, start asking yourself questions. Self enquiry is powerful in the process of deciphering what is yours and what it is that you have embodied from the world around you.

I have also listed tools and ideas on how to clear these energies within yourself to create a more contented and joyful life free of past baggage. These tools are designed as a means of empowerment, each of us is unique with different ways of experiencing life, lets honour that.

The Dark Night of The Soul

I had been trapped in a dark place for months, embodying an identity crisis and reverting to old cyclical patterns, self sabotaging my happiness over relatively mundane issues, trivial to the truth of my existence. The mind riddled in fears and indecision, perceived panic over waves of uncertainty presenting in the shadows of illusion I was living amidst. A total disconnect to the casing of my body, its layers and the world surrounding me.

Rising to the surface, the fabrication of being. Drawing my awareness to the facade of all that I believed to be, so began the journey through a liquefaction of the ‘self’ to the soul.

I danced with the ego, lived with the fears that were robbing my vitality. I walked in perceptions that weren’t mine. I broke myself in two, to the point where I lost sight of my identity and any form of recognition of ‘self’. I ran from my soul, every interaction began mirroring the darkness within the self until I chose the path of love, even for these shadow fragments of my identity.

The sending of love to people who trigger or shake my ‘beliefs’ no longer served. It was time to revert from directing my energy outwards and venture inward, taking responsibility for the part I play in creating the experience of my life. It became empowering to know I hold the key to breaking cycles, ‘hereditary illness’, healing traumas in my ancestral line and breaking free of habitual ways. Beliefs, patterns and conditioning that had been inherited none of which are truly the foundations of my existence.

We all have that harsh inner critic, have you ever considered the source of this? It’s uncomfortable for most to consider we have foreign frequencies emanating within our body creating our perceptions. I urge you to continue reading as this may provide some relief through techniques and tools to help take your power back, breaking free of cognitive dissonance and inner turmoil.

You may have adapted some of these frequencies or energies from your environment, others or even absorbed them from the generations before you. To gain an understanding of this it is important to reflect on your ancestral line, do you have a history of a particular disease throughout your family? I found observing the dynamic, relationships and events of my grandparents presented underlying patterns that were vital in recognising the adaptation within myself. On the reversal cultivating a deeper awareness within the self also unearthed the root of these stirrings and how they have trickled down the family tree.

Have you found yourself wanting to break free and create something void of suffering? Yet find yourself somehow attracting the same thing wearing a different face, reliving the opposite of your true desires and what you’re intent on manifesting? This could indicate you have old ‘beliefs’ or patterns creating counter intentions that keep you in these repetitive cyclical stories. For those willing to reflect on certain habits that keep you attracting more of the same, or unhealthy patterns in your relationships whether it be you seem to always seek out relationships with people who will inevitably leave, you are always giving but never receiving or you keep reliving undesirable circumstances that aren’t serving you. With this acceptance we can move from a victim mentality of life being unfair or things being out of our control to you are a co-creator of your life.

Do you have ailments within the body with no conclusive explanation or diagnosis? I found myself going around in circles for years over illness, interestingly each organ or tissue was signalling a message of resistance to my awareness and was coinciding with emotional issues I was facing. Everything from the lungs, kidneys and spine down to a simple prick on the finger held equal importance at the time. I started to listen to my body and its language and the more I investigated I began witnessing themes and correlations to the flow of energy through my chakras (our energy centres within the body). Outdated energetic patterns or karma as I refer to it, can linger in the body or energetic field, creating a loop of undesired experiences. All of the illnesses or injuries that were presenting in my physical body linked back to generational trauma, or wounds that had been internalised.

As a personal example of how this presents within families, my Nanna passed away from emphysema, my mum developed pneumonia and I suffered asthma which I have now healed through transmuting and correcting the emotional wound of not trusting in the process of life and feelings of unworthiness. In my family I saw patterns of the wounded inner child not feeling loved, this lack of connection created a string of fears of abandonment and addiction throughout the generations. With a european heritage I experienced the effects of the witch trials, centuries of suppression of women in my bloodline resulting in a blocked throat and sacral chakra, fears of speaking my truth leading to hormone imbalances, the lack mentality manifesting limited financial security and dissatisfying relationships, exhausting the adrenal glands resulting in fatigue and intolerances because my body began to reject the food I was eating to suppress these ancient stories. Women in my ancestral line had lost babies, had traumatic births and pregnancies which I carried the aftermath of on a cellular level. I was riddled with anxiety from the age of 4, with no reasonable explanation. I began to witness its triggers were all stemming back to an emotional pattern of unworthiness and as I watched these play out through all my relationships I wondered why I was stuck in this loop and so I followed the road back to the root chakra and these ancestral scars that built the foundations of my ‘beliefs’.

Everyday teaching yoga, someone would have a slipped disc or lower back problems linking back to feeling unloved or not supported. These wounds are connected to the root chakra and effect the parasympathetic nervous system, contracting the psoas muscle and activating your fight, flight or freeze response. (See my post EMBRACE for more).

The Breakthrough

Consider Epigenetics “the study of changes in organisms caused by modification of gene expression rather than alteration of the genetic code itself”- Oxford Dictionaries.
Science has now proven contrary to everything we’ve been told that DNA is changeable, a comforting resolution to genetic and hereditary illness which in the past has been deemed invariable.

Find some transformational tools and techniques below that you might find useful on your journey:

*Observe everything, yourself and the world around you from a place of curiosity rather than judgement
*Listen to the body and the connection between emotions presenting through physical illness, injury and trauma (See: You Can Heal your Life – Louise Hay)
*HYDRATION helps the inner waters emotions flow freely and the functionality of your body holistically
*Nutrition what are you ingesting? The relationship between food & thoughts
*Self soothing techniques – Music, Incense, Nature, Meditation, Salt Baths, Essential Oils, Yoga, Breath work, Crystal Healing and Reiki are all modalities that have been beneficial for me, seek what resonates with you
*Embracing your authentic self get excited about the things you love or what you enjoyed as a child
*Understanding the Chakras 
*Automatic Writing –  I cannot emphasise this enough, it bypasses the ego and works on a subconscious level
*Positive Affirmations
*Release List on Full Moon – a powerful time for clearing out ancestral wounds
*Manifestation List on New Moon

Below is an example of a Full Moon Release list on clearing these energies, which also includes positive reinforcement and affirmations: 

1) I release any ancestral wounds or patterns that are ready to be transmuted.
*I trust I am supported in this process. I set an intention to connect with my lineage and share in its wisdom.
2) I am ready to let go of old outdated patterns & paradigms that limit my ability to wholeheartedly rest in my authentic skin.
*I believe in myself, my gifts, dreams, goals & aspirations. I am ready to pursue my life’s purpose.
3) I detach from anything causing dysfunction in my relationships.
*It is safe for me to surrender and be vulnerable.
4) It is safe for me to release control, fear and obsession. It is safe for me to let go of the illusion of attachment.
*I trust in the path I have chosen & have faith that I am supported throughout these transitions.
5) I channel any form of dissatisfaction or discontentment into a motivational energy.
*I am a co-creator of my experience & openly accept guidance toward healthy outlets.
6) I effectively implement tools & techniques that help me to relax the mind, body & soul.
*My self awareness is increasing everyday. I listen to the language of my soul and its intrinsic wisdom.
7) I arrive & meet any challenges as an opportunity for growth & release any fears regarding change.
*I am adaptable & thrive on diversity.
8) I break free of any illusions limiting my endeavour for freedom.
*I trust my souls guidance & follow with action decisively & accordingly.
9) I release old beliefs regarding poverty, lack or unworthiness.
*Everything I desire I already have. I am supported in all aspects of life. I deserve abundance, blessings & miracles. I welcome these gifts into my life.
10) I honour and respect the teachings of my insecurities.
*I transform my perceived flaws in my life & use these as motivation to learn to love myself on a deeper level.

We have the power to sever the energetic link cellular memories carry throughout ancestral lines. You are the embodiment of every aspect of your family that came before you and you are the point of that expression. Every atom, every experience your ancestors had before you is imprinted in your body. You are born of all that came before you, defying separation. Witnessing these pathways allows you to have far more compassion for people living with such heavy emotional baggage, awareness also helps you to adjust the pattern and vibration that attracts this dynamic into your life.

This journey is not for the faint hearted once you take the leap theres no going back, yet I promise you it will be the most enriching and rewarding experience that will birth you into a new sense of wholeness.

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