This article was inspired by my time at the Byron Spirit Festival. In particular a transformational Kundalini Fire healing with Beáta Alföldi through a Shamanic Breathwork Ceremony..

Tears flowing down my cheeks, merging with warm waves of gratitude radiating from the heart space. Diving into the unknown to truly feel how I flow like the river, life flows as do my tears. The Eagle carries my vision, ascending from my habitual patterns of resistance that limit my endeavour into the freedom of the wind. The fire that fuels my creative expression incinerating all aspects of the self known. The Earths songs nurturing my body as I choose growth and alignment with Mother Natures frequency.

No beginnings, no endings. It is only our belief of death that makes one feel stuck. Endings are an illusion of evolution. Our existence is the point at which everything that came before us and everything that is to come blossom into form.

Who are you on a cellular level? What does it mean for you to truly surrender? The answer is found in the shadows, it is the rising of everything that’s ever tried to hold you back. It’s to confront our fears and regain our power. Balancing the bodies many bodies, the dance of the masculine and feminine energies within each of us. The melting point of receptivity and taking action upon the wildest of dreams.

What old stories and programming are you allowing to dictate your experience? To break free is to sit in vulnerability and be humble to oneself, choosing liberation from our conditioning and embracing our darkness, for within it lies our untapped creative potential to manifest an experience that reflects who we truly are. The light of the day cannot exist without the darkness of night and yet the sun and moon continue to shine their light brightly.

Science says that space cannot exist without matter, yet to go beyond these two coexisting forces I seek connection to the consciousness that exists within and the form that surrounds that. Rediscovering the consciousness that surrounds us and the casing that supports that. The layers of the universe are infinite, as are we. “We’re all built in layers of consciousness” – Carl Jung

The dance of the forces that surround me, the songs of my ancestors, their chants guiding me to my rite of passage. To walk through the veil of fabrication and into my true essence and power. The shifting of attachment when our perception witnesses that connection is the only truth in our surroundings.

If time were understood as presence rather than distance, separation would seize to exist. 

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