Footsteps connecting with the earth, the wind caressing my soul effortlessly, a contrast to the dense energy I pace through. The trees whisper echoes from the forest, creatures stare piercing my awareness. Indigenous spirits blending through the shrub along the beachfront, leaving trails and crafts of their existence. Communication through a sensory experience, the happenings of this soil shared through stories, messages imprinted in each moment, visions of the circles we dance together masked in woven foliage.

Realms coexisting, a timeless reality voiced through the inner workings of my mind. Anchoring my presence into the now, grounding to transmute the frequencies of the forces I am faced with. Lost amidst the magic of the land and it’s lineage that welcomes me through its bird songs. My body a vessel of creation guided by the wisdom of my surroundings.

Calling in the light as my shadow drifts toward the unknown curiosities this day offers. Treading with care, paying my respects, manoeuvring my way along the sacred shoreline praying the path and doors I walk through lead me home, wherever that may be.15491830_1192494294133538_1195803303_o15409963_1192494274133540_1993274601_o15503009_1192494227466878_902925573_o15397768_1192493874133580_1462822094_o

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