Photo credit: Tory Allen

Have you ever wondered about the lessons the ocean teaches about the human experience through creative expression.. The sea sends waves of love through vibration, just like the rhythm of our heart pulsates through our body. Apollos rays beaming from the mirrored surface displaying ripple pools of aesthetically pleasing light. It’s energy cleansing an entire consciousness, illuminating our instinctual yearning for the relaxation of ones self in its water and on its beaches. The story of its harmonious dance in equilibrium with nature. Her ability to counteract calm and create chaos, harnessing a duality comparable to that which exists within us. The depths of the sea emblematic of the analogy between that of our subconsious. The combination of the colour palette, the blue water representing emotion and the grounding of the yellow sand symbolic of adaptability, intertwine to create a beautiful green aura representing the healing qualities of nature. The inherent characteristics of the elements gift us with the ability to excel in mobility and overall function of the human mind body and soul, enabling a deeper connection with our inner waters. We are all but a reflection of the water which is a representation of one collective consciousness.

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