Altar Art representing the Root Chakra by Devani Cadden www.devanicadden.tumblr.com


“If you could escape anywhere where would you go?”

Cradled by the grass beneath, admiring the symphonies of the scenery surrounding me, completely held by the earth to explore this lingering question..

“I would go within, to the essence of my soul.”

Basking in the safety net created in the spaces between the merging of my external and internal worlds, it allowed deeper exploration within the self, an answer I may have previously given being a holiday to a foreign destination. Firstly, I realised if I was disconnected from the depths of my spirit I would cease to exist anywhere in the world without complete dissatisfaction with my experience. Secondly it highlighted escapism and society’s belief we can not be content with our daily lives in this PRESENT moment so it is acceptable to post pone our wellbeing to slave away and completely deplete ourselves of resources for that ‘getaway’. We place so much emphasis on the perceived fulfilling experiences yet miss all the smaller details in life, meaning that any happiness we encounter when we reach a destination, will be momentary.

“Why leave breathing life until the start of that fresh start?”

Escapism can wear many colours, it could literally be a running away, one who completely embraces a life which is not in alignment with their truth. Intending to be the best version of yourself and trying to be someone your not highlight the essence of lacking acceptance of self and yet it is something that can only be determined through ones own measure of authenticity.

Imprints such as this are embedded in us often in our youth and become the physical manifestation of our experience. Arising from our belief system, conditioning and how we’ve internalised our experiences. Often settling in the base chakra, the storehouse of our primal aspects, our foundations, our home within the self, sense of safety, our connections, trust in life and others. Fight, flight or freeze is our bodies instinctual alarm system which signals a message of RESISTANCE to the sympathetic nervous system when under perceived threat. Healing these impressions and the pattern  of seeking outside of the self requires deep self enquiry and commitment to the reclamation of your power, self acceptance and finding safety inside. It is only when we look within and amend these warped beliefs that unconsciously navigate how we react and interact with life that we can embrace the present moment and revert the cyclical nature our past plays in limiting our endeavour for freedom.

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